Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Went to Bob's Discount Furniture the other day. 

It's a pretty neat place.  Besides having lots of comfy furniture, they have a large coy pond at the entrance and what they call the on the house cafe in the back.  Free cookies, coffee, ice cream, pop corn, etc.  They have a video game room and a hd television running movies all day.  Not sure if they'd let me stay and watch the movie while eating their food but I watched the Wizard of OZ for a while.  If I find myself with lot's of time I may just go there and watch a whole movie. 

I mentioned this to a friend and he asked me if the furniture actually was inexpensive and I said I didn't know as I hadn't priced furniture for a long time.  They have 18 locations from Conneticut to Maine so they have some buying power.  Me, I went for the free eats.

Picked up a couple of hitchhikers today.   A young couple somewhere between 16 and 25 years old.   I almost didn't pick em up cause I was just going into town but that turned out to be where they were going too.

I asked them what they did and they said that they road the rails.  All the people that I've talked to that did that stopped as soon as they could because they just didn't like getting beat up.  I mentioned this to them and they said they hadn't had any problems.  I hope they remain lucky.

Anyway I was able to take them where they wanted to go, the South Portland Memorial Branch Library.  They were really grateful and it just made my day. 

Did you know that the South Portland Municipal Golf Course has its own library branch or rather South Portland Memorial Branch Library has its own golf course.  I think that's really neat.

Friday, July 16, 2004

OK so this is kinda cool. 
There is an owl, horned?, living on a roof at the corner of state street and cumberland across from the Y and Gateway in Portland, ME


That's the Maine International Film Festival.  Went to the Celebration of Maine Film Makers and met some neat people.  Sidesitters was shown.  This time it was in with some stylin flicks.   Bob Barancik showed one of his movies, Blues for Kafka.  It was a nice piece of short film. 
There was also chair porn, no people just chairs.  It runs until Sunday and is worth the drive to Waterville.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy fourth of july. American indepence day. Woo Hoo!!!

See the fireworks!