Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Best kept secret in Maine.
Saving money on the turnpike and traveling up the coast.

The Turnpike and 295 have changed. see a pdf from the Maine DOT and an article at the Portland guide at

The turnpike used to be 95 to 495 to Augusta then back to 95. Well it turns out that it’s now 95 all the way through. With just a little inside knowledge you can save yourself a little cash and continue to travel up the coast on an interstate, rather than head inland some. It’s even a straighter shot to the capital.

You can leave 95 onto 295 into Portland at Exit 45 old Exit 7 for free. From there you can avoid any tolls up to Augusta. You also get closer to the coast.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Did a promo gig for Big Orange Productions at Walmart the other day. I was handing out Cott soda. A good time was had by all. Always good to give away stuff.

Did you know that Walmart has an emergency list of things to do. It's color coded. Both riots and media crisis are coded yellow.

Speaking of giving away free stuff. I just joined kinda neat place to find a new home for stuff.

Friday, June 04, 2004

First Friday in Portland
at Running with Sizzors

Ah art openings, free food free booze people with a clue. Odd how I seem to like that combination. Running with Sizzors at 34 Portland ST did not disapoint. I came and left early but the beer looked like it would go on all night and the food was more than just cheese and crackers. Hot wings and oranges and apples all sorts of good stuff.

Oh yeah there was art, too. My friend, Daniel Minter, invited me. He is one of the resident artists there and his work amazing. Earthy authentic done with feeling. I like it.

The owners work was interesting she said that she had never painted dancers and yet dance that is an extradinary graceful motion could be seen in all her work. Sorry don't remember her name. But the art, all the art is worth seeing.

Show up, it's worth the time.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

June NETpm and summer begins in Portland

So once again Mesda has done it. Along with The Stafford Group they provided a outstanding tech friendly networking opportunity and a chance to eat and drink some fine fare.

The beer and food didn't run out. It wasn't just the standard finger sandwiches. It was spanakopita, nuts and other tasty tidbits.

Charlie Summers showed up as special guest. He's a republican running for congress in Maine's first district against a long time incumbent in a democratic district in a year that had one of the biggest turnouts at a democratic convention. A tough gig no doubt but one that he apparently has done successfully before on a smaller scale.

All in all a rating of 4.2. A diverse selection of food and beer. A group of people with a clue. And some good ideas. What's not to like.

Afterwards, Lee and I went to the Clown. We were a bit late but they let us in. Wasn't that lucky. I was lucky enough to some very nice work and meet the artist June August. Be sure to hit the site and check out the samples of her work in the June show.

The first Thursday of the month is usually a good time.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I just scored 756 in spades