Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A day of Deep Sea Fishing

My friend Fred Andrews at Investment Properties Real Estate took a bunch of us deep sea fishing aboard the Maine Lady III. It was a rough trip out but Capt Rob was amazing. It was obvious he'd done it before. The man is a complete professional. He made the ride out an amazing roller coaster instead of fear for your life kind of trip at least for me. I'm sure the seas weren't as bad as they seemed. One of us said "Those seemed like bigger than 2-4 foot seas."

"They always do." said Captain Rob.

We got out to sea a bit and the sun came out. Ok so we didn't catch much, a bunch of mackerel and pollock that we used for bait, but I had a really good time

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Radio better in the dark

OK so I was listening to the shuttle landing on the MPBN the other day when my son came down and I thought it would be cool to show my son what a shuttle landing looked like. I turned on the TV and you know what, it was night in California. Turns out that television relies a lot on visuals to tell the story and once that's gone they don't have much to say. The radio had chatter between the crew and the ground. A commentator that had a clue as to how to tell a story. Should've stuck with the radio. Maybe it's time to take the radio out of the corner and put it back into the center of the room.