Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well alright one of the movies I acted in is on the net. It's called Sidesitters and it's worth a look.

turn your life around?

so I'm listening to Morning edition on NPR this morning and they're talking about a pastor who was once a crook and who is now leading his church and breaking fraud rings. The procecutor that put him away even wrote a blurb for the cover of his book.

He admits that it must be hard to trust him but there it is.

As I was listening I was wondering if he ran into someone in his position asking for trust if he would trust them.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter Thompson killed himself yesterday. What's up with that?

Was he hallucinating? Did he think death was an untried drug to experience? Was he sad? Bored? WTF?

I'm not a big fan of suicides. Maybe I just don't want to try to relate to how horrible a person must feel to just give up that much.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

We're a Neilson Family! Not really a barrel of fun. For a measly five bucks, we get to fill out a diary by hand about what we watch. Talk about low tech. But I really am an influencer now. A blog and I am representing some of the Portland, ME veiwing area. Course, I blew off television thursday and friday for martial arts classes at Fournier's. But that's the way it goes. On the other hand I did get home for the last fifteen minutes of Survivor. So the cost of ad's for that time slot may go up slightly because of that. Or maybe just not go down slightly. The ads for the first 10 minutes were pretty prominate.
been away for a while. Nothing like stating the obvious, hey?

Anyway, the Mesda NetPM/ABC art show annual event at Troubh Heisler went well. I had a couple of painting in it. Got some nice comments but didn't sell anything. You know that is a really interesting time. Artists, business people, and techies. Talk about an event not to be missed, the networking opportunities alone make it worth the time.

This year though, there was beer! Not just the wine. Which was really good by the way. Miranda's Vineyard from the Portland Public Market supplied it. I am finally convinced that Australian wines might be worth another look.