Saturday, January 25, 2003

Friday Night at the Iguana

So another Status party. Not to shabby nobody to buy me beer this time but the molson at the iquana is cheap. I gotta thank Caron at Port City Models she has an email list that will make any party a happening thing. Right now she and her models and her email list are showing up at Status Parties.

The music tonight was rather generic I'm thinking they had like two cds because it started to repeat itself after a couple of hours. The food was once again nonexistant. The party was scheduled to start at 7 and didn't start until 8 or 9 it did give me a chance to meet some people though.

There is very little that is as sexy as a smart pretty woman. I met Amanda who is a paleontoligist, a sword collector and a model. She was able to explain to me what the big deal about mammoths in Maine was. Most folk I talk to about that just laugh and say there are no mammoths in Maine. OK so it doesn't come up much but it's been annoying me for several years.

Steve and Jane showed up. Steve is an electrical engineer working on among other things the large oil platforms in the harbor. I'm waiting for some rather interesting times when they start up their generators. Jane is a nurse a beautiful and very smart lady.

Frank McMahon showed up and Stewart was doing photography. Jesse something had just come off pitching something to MTV and was most optimistic. Looking for something tasty in the next year or so. Drew and Heidi made the scene. Drew makes for an interesting event and Heidi reminds us again that smart is sexy.

I had a really good time tonight. I am also responsible for someone going home thinking that they met John Popper, another big guy with a hat. Zoe is in Austrailia so she didn't make it. I hope she's having fun.

People gotta start pushing their sites. I'd love to link to them but noone had anything.

So the Ratings out of 5

Started at 7 as the lamest party I've ever been to and I've been to some really bad events. Again what pulled it out was the people. It was just amazing to meet Amanda.

Food 0 nonexistant.

Venue 2.8 The Iquana is not what I expected. Essentially, it is a hallway with a bathroom at one end and a couch at the other. It has a couple of levels and a bar you can dance on. Throw in a bunch of folk and give them some alcohol and it's not to bad.

Drinks2.9 I hate having to buy my own but at least the Molson was cheap. The test tubes free at the last event were a charge but they were better. Jesse and his ladies were drinking a bowl of Alabama Slammers that were pretty tasty.

Music 2.5 What is up with Portland? The only decent music event I show up at and noone else does. The music tonight was generic. OK so there was some interesting calypso stuff but they only had the one cd. I mean come on. You know when the music on the ride home on MPR is better, Jazz on Friday nights, you should probably rethink your music choices. I mean, take some chances. OK so people were dancing on the bar and moving to the beat but getting drunk people to dance isn't exactly rocket science.

People What can I say I look forward these things cause I can usually count on seeing a couple of people I like and meeting someone interesting. It happened tonight and I suspect it will happen again. As always the beautiful people showed up.

Overall I left just after Midnight. I was done. Things were still happening but it was time to go. Closing down a bar is not hard but it needs to be worth it and it wasn't tonight. Leave 'em wanting more they say. So the rating better than the Plush but still not breaking the 4 ceiling 3.6. A good time.

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