Saturday, November 15, 2003

Friday night in Portland

Friday night in Portland

Life is a little strange. I go to the Roxy for their piano bar cabaret happy hour and I meet a carpenter. I go to Casey's at Yankee Lanes for some Karaoke and I meet someone in marketing for the New Yorker and a really cool architectural trade magazine. You tell me where the cool people hang out.

The Roxy did have better food. Some stylin vegetable dips and a really tasty salmon moose. Casey's had popcorn which really was none to fresh, at least I didn't see them popping any.

It turns out that a pitcher of beer and a couple of shots of tequila is not a good preparation for singing a song for the first time. Fortunately I have friends and they said I didn't suck to much some even said I was good. As I said they were friends. There was a range of talent tonight but golly it is different to sing along with a CD than it is to sing in front of people.



Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Customer appreciation night at Northern Sky Toys

Customer Appreciation Night at Northern Sky Toys

So check it out. There was a sign on the door at Northern Sky Toys, a kite shop in Portland, Maine, tonight. Closed at 6 for a private party. Get On that list! We got our invite cause we've been known to shop there and partake of their many events.

They had outstanding food provided by absolute catering and beverages for all ages that did not run out. And that wasn't even the best part. The best part is that this is just an amazing toy store. There are a few gadgets that use batteries or at least a plug but for the most part it is just cool toys that use what we already have on hand. My son got a yo-yo and my daughter a nifty doll.

The Ratings

Food 4.1 not a huge variety but what was there was really good. teriyaki beef pot stickers to an assortment of cookies and chocolate that was to die for.

Beverages 4.3 Geary's and Guinness plus ginger ale, water and diet coke. It ran freely and it didn't run out.

The Venue 3.9 OK so it was really cool and after everyone started to clear out it was OK. As a toy store it rocks but as a party place it was a tad crowded. Did like the hover disks though. Would this place be the same in another part of Portland. No way. Space is at a premium in the Old Port so I'm not sure what they are going to do when they decide to expand. Wait patiently I expect. Gritty's and Mexicali Blues have done it, Northern Sky Toys will too.

Overall 4.4 I had a really good time. My kids had a really good time. If you get a chance to get down there do it, you'll have a really good time, too. And next year you'll get an invite, too.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

November's Mesda NetPM at Digital Mill

November's Mesda NetPM at Digital Mill

Alright, a righteous time at Digital Mill tonight. The monthly Mesda NETpm was a good time. Digital Mill is working on serious gaming. I picked up a copy of their newest book Monster Gaming, look for a review here in a couple of weeks.

Ben Sawyer, has a lot of interesting things to say about the use of gaming in non-traditional places for gaming. He compared the gaming industry to the movie industry of the forties as a communications and teaching tool.

The food was good and plentiful, beer didn't run out. Dan Corwin has a new dictionary app he's working on it's worth a glance at his site. Chris Russell has a nifty web app he is working on.

I found out the short I did with Infusion Studios is up on their web site. It was done for the annual Geeks In Black awards dinner from Mesda.

I told two people about this event. They both had some tech issues. I told them that there was a good chance that they could be solved by talking to the folk here. Neither showed which means that I have to track them down. I had them solved before I even got to the beer.

These and all of the Mesda events are worth going to.

The ratings

The food 4.2 standard stuff but there were cashews and Brie and Smartfood some of my favorite snacks. Big yum!

The venue 3.9 2 Custom House Wharf is a neat place for an office. And as it turned out the office was just the right size for the crowd. But a few people mentioned that the only reason they found it was because they saw my hat through the window.

The Beer 4.5 Didn't run out. Geary's then Heineken. Other stuff didn't drink it but a good variety.

Overall 4.5 Good food Good Beer People with a clue what else do you want. Ben Sawyer had interesting things to say and signed the books and software. I had a really good time met some new folk in a nifty place.