Monday, May 12, 2003

Caveat Emptor
So a friend of mine sends me a notice she got on a teacher's mailing list. It was a notices from someplace called ePC or Electronic Parts Company. It was for half price computers of the latest 2003 technology. Then it went onto describe a really lame 1.3 gig chip computer for 400 bux. That's just evil. Fortunately she asked me first and I was able to point her to the sunday flyer from Best Buyand their $500 after rebate system from eMachines.

I mean sure they probably would have been very happy with the machine from ePC but come on why do that to people when it's almost as easy to treat them right.

So epc my first ever 0 cause they're just bad.

Friday, May 02, 2003

May NetPM

Held at Old Port Billiards and sponsored by Systems Engineering, Interface Tech News and Mesda. Once again an amazing spread. They had hot wings! But as is sometimes the case when held at a bar the beer was dolled out with drink coupons. Still good but not quite to my liking.

My monitor had blown the night before and I was kinda bummed but I left with not one but two offers for monitors. Dan Corwin offered me one but I am now using the 17" one. Thank you Alex Bennert once again you came through for me. Mark Ford showed up always good to see them both. Look for some cool stuff coming from Mark this summer.

The Ratings

The food 4.5 Very good. I've come to expect great things from Mesda and they rarely let me down. Standard finger sandwichs and cheese plate. Wings and chicken fingers, Stuffed Mushrooms, yummy beef terriaki. I am sometimes hesitant to eat chicken wings at a funcution but the table was in the middle of the room so I was able to stand on one side and eat while the room circulated around me.

The Drinks 4.0 Good beer the first two were complimentary. Not quite the open bar I prefer but still quite pleasent.

The Venue 3.8 Hadn't been to the Old Port Billiards before but not bad. Reeked of smoke but had a not bad bar and lot's of pool tables. Was what I'd call handicapped accessible but tasty none the less.

Overall 4.1 Good food, good beer, people with a clue. Walked away with a new monitor from a friend. The doorprizes included a Zire and the new Mesda Chipper club it replaces the Putter as well as the usual fine software. I like the NetPM's if you want more info get on their mailing list.