Tuesday, June 21, 2005

roller skating haikus

Yesterday Skating
Not my most favorite thing
I did the dad thing.

There was a party
which daughter was invited
I did the Dad thing.

Thought I might like it
had not done in thirty years
I remember why.

Wrote some Haiku there
Seemed like the thing to do
Did not hurt as much:

Wheels turn round and round
Air flows warm past my ankles
They need to be strong

My feet hurt alot
My feet are now red and hot
Blisters are forming

Forehead beading sweat
Drops hit the ground moist and wet
Puddle, skate with care

Water fountain, ah
No! The water is tepid
I am still thirsty

We cut out early
and got ice cream good and cool.
Felt better for it.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Summer begins in Maine

They say about maine, that if you can't take the winters you don't deserve the summers. Well the winter wasn't really hideous or maybe I've just repressed the horror. I do seem to recall alot of snow. The last few weeks have been just deadly. Rain, rain, and more rain. But not today. The sun is out. It's warm. the birds are singing. WooHoo. And I'm in here loading win2000 onto an old computer. Oh well.

I walked the kids to school and it was beautiful.

June NETpm rocks

Ok so maybe rocks is to strong a word as there wasn't any music. But man the food and beer did not even come close to running out. It was amazing.

Oxford Networks and Know Technology put it on. They have a cool office in downtown Portland, ME. It has among other things a glassed in data center that looks really neat, and the fattest data pipes in Maine.

I had a good time. Tech people showed up. People looking for tech people showed up. The NETpm is really becoming a business event. Look for a stylin new office in Westbrook for Mesda coming very soon.

The rating: 4.5 almost as good as it can get.