Thursday, December 29, 2005

inside I am warm
the world rains cold outside
I sit in my seat

haircuts down the hall
she stands curvy, sweet and blond
glass seperates us

Christmas came and went
our gifts were few and many
inside I am warm

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

stern, powerful man
responsible for monday
or was it tom hanks

that is the haiku for today. Letterman did a monologue on Cheney and torture it was a bit of a running gag. Maybe it has been for a while. I've not seen it in a while. The really interesting bit is that the commentary before it at least in Maine was advocating torture. I got to wondering how many issues come up because at some point two people had something to prove to each other. And I thought that torture might be just such and issue. I don't know... I was blown away by the contrast. I wondered if there might be some intelligent design behind it.